Holidaying with M.E.

This will be a short blog today.

For the last week I have been on a cruise or Geriatric Cruise as I like to call it. We have already been to two ports in Norway and three in Iceland. Today we are in Reykavik. Over the next few days we will go to Faroe and to the Orkney Islands.

I have, as to be expected, been doing far too much. To counter this I have slept during the day as much as possible and had an early night every night! Land of the midnight sun – perhaps but I am certainly never awake to see it!

I have also discovered the joy of the onboard spa (thank you parents). It seems every time I feel I have done too much, just spending a few hours in their hydrotherapy pool and heated benches, sleeping and meditating, and I’m okay again.

It is a dangerous path I’m currently treading, of this we are very very aware. On the other hand, hopefully by being very careful and only doing too much when it is really called for, I will get away with it.

Luckily the ship are very kind and on at least three occasions my three course meal from the restaurant has been delivered straight to our room so I could eat in bed.

Today we took what we felt was the greatest risk of all but one I almost didn’t mind having a relapse for. Today we took a Super 4×4 Into the mountains and valleys around the capital. I was sure this would do me in but frankly I didn’t care. It was amazing – some of the most spectacular scenery I have every seen.

Steam seemed to rise from the mountains everywhere as cold springs met magma, heating the water – creating steam. Astoundingly, it was amazing to see mile after mile of pipeline carrying hot water from pumping stations to the capital 30 miles away. The water at 300 degrees is pumped from underground – the steam is used to generate electricity and the water is sent to the cities. Apparently 90% of houses in Iceland use clean energy.

These super jeeps were amazing, thundering up and down mountains, tearing through streams. Incredibly though they didn’t have the debilitating effect I assumed they would. I rested for two hours on return and was ready to see a little, a very little, of Reykjavik.

So this trip which I thought was the easy holiday may not be quite as easy as I anticipated but getting to Iceland, the country I have dreamed of visiting my whole life is worth it. I have a lifetime to rest and recover. I only have three, as carefully managed as possible, days in Iceland.

I do not recommend that anyone pushes it as I have been doing every few days recently though perhaps if you at least have a revolutionary spa to turn to when you get back.

So hello from Iceland, I’m well and being careful (well most of the time!)

Thanks mum and dad for our fabulous excursion and the rejuvenating spa pass.

Will write again on my return to normality.

P.s. I haven’t proof read this so please forgive the horrific grammar errors that I would be horrified if somebody else made – I’m in Iceland today so who cares!


5 thoughts on “Holidaying with M.E.”

  1. Delighted its all going well. I have been following you on seascanner and you have had such calm weather. I assume that means lots of whales etc. Sometimes the ships webcam worked.
    Today I’m in Dublin. Ruths foot swelled and shes on loads of antibiotics etc and a raised foot. So mother to the rescue. Probably a bite or a blister infected. They are off to Portugal Fri . I have been finding clinics and chemists and swimming pools not to mention basic cooking etc.
    Dad home alone. Our 2nd meetup went superbly. We even found another man.
    Love to you both


  2. Hearing that you went on an adventure, and are able to enjoy it with some sort of pacing, gives me some hope. My daughter’s wish has been (and still is) for us to go to England (we live in Florida) together. Some days I do not know if I should plan it or not. Maybe I should look into a cruise to England as a better way to go!

    Keep enjoying!


    1. Hi, I think a cruise is a good idea but it isn’t quite as easy going physically as I imagined. Ships are very big and to go from your cabin to dinner can be a long walk.

      My advice:
      1. Book a cabin with a balcony. We had an inside cabin and on bad days when I spent all day there I felt like I was in a cave. With a balcony at least I could have lain in bed with the doors open getting air and seeing the view. I will always splurge on a balcony in the future.
      2. Try and go midship. Tends to be more expensive but then you are never too far from your cabin.
      3. Make sure room service isn’t extra. I ordered breakfast to my room most days to save energy.
      4. I would make sure that you fill in disability forms. The staff were very quietly aware I was ill and so took special care of me.
      5. Get a wheelchair when you embark and disembark – you walk a lot more than you Imagine.

      6. Make sure your daughter has a pedometer (I use Fitbit) to help keep track of how much she is actually doing.
      7. Use the spa – whenever I felt awful I would go and float in the pool and sit in these heated benches for a few hours sleeping and meditating. I always felt so much better after. I don’t think whirl I am ill, I would go on holidays without access to one.

      8. Be really strict with your daughter when she wants to do more than she should. Consider how she should manage her day. Factor in lots more rest than usual. My husband saved me so many times by being really mean to me!

      9. Talk to your daughter about accepting she won’t be able to do everything she wants to. It is easy to say it is worth doing too much for this activity and we certainly played it that way. Initially I used that excuse for lots of activities and it all became far too much.

      10. Consider a larger ships – lots more quiet places to hide out when it is busy.

      I don’t know what your daughters health is like but I would say give it a go if you feel she could cope.


  3. Hi Karen! My name is Cameron Von St. James and I had a quick question for you & was wondering if you could please email me when you have a free moment. Thanks! I really hope to hear from you soon and appreciate you taking the time. ☺ cvonstjames AT gmail DOT com


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