I Haven’t Given Up!

i have been absent and absent for far, far too long! I have been longing to write a post but for reasons which should become evident in the close future, I have been unable. I see this blog as the place to be honest and transparent. This I cannot currently be. Fear not, soon, very soon I will be!

So forgive my silence – for it has not been through deliberate neglect or accidental negligence. In ten days or so I promise to write again. 


6 thoughts on “I Haven’t Given Up!”

  1. Hi Mrs Ironside Its Beth B, and Sarah T here. Just to wish you amazing luck in India with your husband.
    We will miss you loads but have a great time never the less!!!
    Beth & Sarah


    1. Thank you guys, you are amazing people – don’t forget that. You can be part of my adventure through my blog as well. Hey maybe you could write your own about the adventure of simply being alive!


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